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http://www.inthing.com.cn (Below is referred to as ecaftech.com). In order to use the services and information of our website securely, We hereby explain the rules to respect your privacy, please read the following:

1. The scope of privacy policy

Privacy policy is including how to deal with personally identifiable data when you use ecaftech.com web services. Privacy Policy does not apply to other related sites beside ecaftech.com, does not apply to non-commissioned or participate in the management.

2. Information we collect and how we use it
In order to offer you the best interactive services of ecaftech.com, that you may ask to provide personal data, which are as follows:

ecaftech.com collects certain information (such as name, email, contact information or visit time which you provide) from and about its users two ways: Using the service mail, Questionnaires and other interactive features. In general view, the server will records the relevant act automatically, including your IP address, the use of time, browser, browse and select data records, as reference for web services improvement. This record is internal applications and will keep confidential.

In order to provide precise service, we will analysis and statistic the collect survey content. The appearance of the results is only for internal research. We will publish statistical data as needed, but does not involve specific personal information. Unless your agreement or the special provisions of other laws, we will not sell, rent, or disclose any of your contact information to any other company or third parties.

3. Protection of data
ecaftech.com hosts are equipped with firewalls, antivirus systems and other necessary security measures to protect the site and your personal .only authorized personnel can access your personal data and they all are been signed a confidentiality contracts. Someone who violates the above requirement will be punished subject to relevant legal action.

As a result of business needs to entrust the third parties to provide services, ecaftech.com will also ask the company to comply with confidentiality obligations strictly, and take the necessary inspection procedures to determine whether the company indeed follow the requirement.

4. Links to other websit
esecaftech.com may contain links to other websites that are owned and operated by third parties you can visit. We are not responsible for the content, privacy practices, or conduct of or on any such sites. Subsequently, you should read the privacy policy of any linked site before submitting any of your personal information.

5. Use of cookie
In order to provide you the best service, ecaftech.com will be placed on your computer and access to our Cookie, Cookie, if you do not want to accept the write, you can set the high level of privacy options in your browser function, you can refuse to write Cookie, but will lead to certain functions may not working properly.

6. Revised of privacy policy
The terms contained on this page may be revised from time to time. To protect your interests, visit this page periodically to review the current terms of our policy.