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LNG Early Warning System

It is a Internet of things system desined for the LNG gas station.


Realtime to monitor the Volume/Pressure/Temperature of LNG tank, in time to show the GPS and arrived time of LNG tankers, and automatic to calculate the short way.


Why we needed Early Waning?

Case 1: Between in Oct. 1 2010 and 7th, Due to the long-term heavy rains, the local road traffic jams in Hainan province, road closures is more serious, LNG tankers transport disruption, LNG can not be shipped to Guangdong and other places.


On Oct. 21 2010, Super Typhoon "Megi" path changed, redirecting to eastern Guangdong province and southern Fujian province closely, the wind gradually increased on Meizhou Bay Port , resulting in "Min Lu" steamship round 7 days not berthing.


How to let the leader know if the LNG station has any problem?

Internet of things - Automatic to send the SMS to the leader who handled it.


How to get the maximize the benefits between the LNG stations?

Internet of things - Automatic alarm the status of gas stations and calculate the shortest way for the tankers.


Suppose empty of LNG tanks, where is the tankers? when will be here?

Internet of things - Realtime to know the GPS and arrived time of the LNG tankers, and monitor if illegal unload the LNG.


LNG Early Warning System



Main Functions


Compatibility with the GPS of existing tankers


Compatibility with the LNG controllers(WINCC), access the data only, never connecting to Internet.


Smart to plan the working of tankers, calculating the arrived time, and monitoring the status of LNG stations.


Realtime to send the SMS if the LNG stations have any problems.

Automatic to generate the reports for Days, weeks, months and Years.