inThings Intellegent Technology - Zhuhai Hengqin inThings Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is focused on smart information technology research and development and technology professional services company, is a skilled technical, enthusiastic service, willing to sacrifice for the national cause ideals and youthful vibrant team.



Our Advantages

Together talented people, in order of excellence in technology and service!


Focus on Technical

inThings Tec. professional spirit to provide all of our customers and partners to provide high quality products and services. We see the business needs of corporate life, on the one hand to employ the country's leading business experts and professors as consultants, on the other hand through the attentive service allows engineers and users to establish close contact with the company to obtain first-hand and authority to ensure user requirements , but also to ensure product development does not occur when the deviation on the business in order to companies in the software industry in a leading position.



New Concept
inThings technology is implemented as a driving force for development, have complete independent intellectual property rights, to create the most close to user needs, industry leading technology products. Strive to do every product has a strong vitality.



Quality First
inThings believe that good business and good customer relationship software is the basis for us to win the market. Therefore, we service and model projects, and actively expand the future potential customers, and with the municipalities, provinces or even relevant customer establish a good relationship, and establish professional image.



Young & Powerful Team
inThings has long been engaged in the development and application of information technology products business experts and technical elites, has a profound transformation of experience in information systems implementation success. Is a skilled technical, enthusiastic service, willing to dedicate to the undertakings ideals and youthful vibrant team.